Our Companies

Alphalogic is a diversified group with interests in Information Technology, Fintech and Smart Procurement Solutions for SME's business.

Alphalogic Techsys Limited

Alphalogic Techsys is our flagship company. Incorporated in the year 2018, it has been engaged in the business of providing Information Technology and related services. Alphalogic Techsys is a boutique consulting firm helping it's clients in their digital transformation journey. Alphalogic Techsys provides services in Product Engineering, Cloud Computing, Mobility and Artificial Intelligence areas. In 2019, Alphalogic Techsys Limited became one of the First Company to list on BSE Startup platform.

Alphalogic Trademart Limited

Alphalogic Trademart Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of our main company, Alphalogic Techsys Limited. Alphalogic Trademart was Incorporated in the year 2020 to diversify the business activities of Alphalogic Group. Alphalogic Trademart provides smart procurement solutions to SME's. Alphalogic Trademart is engaged in the business of Commerce, Trade & Distribution. It also offers Trade related services to it's customers.

Faraday Digital Inc, USA

Faraday Digital Inc is a subsidiary of our main company, Alphalogic Techsys Limited. Faraday Digital Inc was incorporated in the year 2020, in the state of Wyoming, United States of America. This company was formed to expand the technology business of Alphalogic Group in different geographies including the USA. Faraday Digital Inc works in the areas of Blockchain and provides services like blockchain development, cryptocurrencies, dApps, business consulting, cloud services, digital marketing, web and mobile apps, etc.